Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible to apply for a grant from the Woodcliff Lake Educational Foundation?

Educators at Dorchester Elementary School and Woodcliff Middle School may apply for a grant at any time. Applicants may request grants on an individual basis, as a group with other teachers in the grade, or school-wide.

2. How do I apply for a grant from the WCLEF? 

Download the Grant Proposal Form and fill out all sections. Once completed, give the hard copy to your school Principal for review. Once the Grant Proposal Committee has reviewed your request, they will confer with the Principal and present the request at the next WCLEF meeting.

3. How does the Foundation decide which grants to approve? 

The Grant Committee makes a formal presentation of your proposal to the other members of the Educational Foundation. This is usually followed by a period of discussion, whereby the members determine whether or not the item meets the criteria set forth in the Foundation charter, and whether or not adequate funds exist to grant the request. The members then vote on the proposal, and the majority decision stands.

4. What kinds of grants does the Foundation usually approve? 

As per our charter, the WCLEF provides funds for educational tools that serve to enrich and enhance the school curriculum.

5. Who can I contact for more information or assistance? 

Teachers may contact the Foundation’s Grant Proposal Committee at any time for assistance in filling out the form or to ask questions about the grant process.  Contact the Grant Proposal Committee via email (